Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Profiles of us


Mike Capner

43 years old

Born in Blackwood, NJ

High School Education

Truck driver for 20 years

Bartender at a bowling alley that serves $1 drafts

Moved to Florida to take care of his parents… Father lost his lower leg to Diabetes, Mother had both knees replaced.

Lives with his parents.

6’5” 425lbs

never married

Dave Cabott
48 years old

Born in Lancaster, PA (Amish Country)

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. 8 credits shy of a Masters.

Once worked giving blood

Beer Hawker at a Minor League Stadium

Moved to Florida to escape his ex-wife

Lives with his 110lb Rottweiler who suffers from IBS

6’1” 325lbs.

divorced for 10 years

Big Matty

Matt Free

43 years old

Born in Port Charlotte, FL

High School educated

Retired Asst. Fire Chief


5’10” 385lbs.

living with current 23yo girlfriend and her 4 kids and several cats, changing diapers and cat litter.

If we were a rap act, we would be Run-KFC